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South Daytona Kids Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In May

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The Martial Arts classes for kids at New Life Martial Arts are an ideal way to introduce your child or teen to the exciting world of Karate and self defense for kids!

Unlike many other Karate schools in Port Orange, New Life Martial Arts gives your child the opportunity to learn the Martial Arts at the hands of an award winning instructor in a clean, safe and FUN environment!

Not Your Ordinary Karate Class!

Your child will love to learn Martial arts at the hands of Angie Warga, a certified Black Belt Sensei with a knack for teaching kids of all ages. Sensei Angie will help your child develop all the skills of a trained Martial Arts master, from remaining calm when provoked to delivering the necessary blows that could save your child's life! No matter what age your child is, New Life Martial Arts has a kids program that's just right.

With three age appropriate classes New Life Martial Arts in South Daytona will teach your child the confidence, discipline and martial arts skills they need to be leaders in and outside of our classes.

  • Little Champions Martial Arts Classes (ages 3-7)

The New Life Martial Arts Little Champions program is the ideal way to introduce your child to the fun and lifetime benefits that kids Karate has to offer.

  • Junior Achievers Martial Arts Classes (ages 7-12)

Grade school kids of all ages love our Junior Achievers program! We pack each class chock-full of high-energy, intense fun!

  • Teen Karate and Martial Arts Classes (13 & up)

Setting and achieving goals are the focus of our Teen's Martial Arts program! With each high-energy class, your teen will be working toward the next belt level with confidence!


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Benefits of South Daytona kids martial arts

  • Learn the basics of Karate and the Martial Arts in a safe and fun environment
  • Hone motor skills, balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Develop strong listening skills and a positive, can-do attitude
  • Learn the virtues of self-respect and respect for others
  • Understand critical rules of stranger awareness and personal safety
  • Learning how to set and achieve goals
  • Developing incredible strength and self confidence with each new belt level
  • Gaining bully awareness and prevention skills
  • Character building exercises
  • Razor-sharp concentration and mental clarity that results in improved school grades
  • Unwaivering self-confidence and unbreakable self-discipline
  • Self-defense skills to protect your teen in any situation
  • Respect for others and understanding the importance of honoring commitments

South Daytona's only state of the art Martial Arts Facility

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