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New Life Martial Arts Reviews

  • I have been taking martial arts for about eight months. I am 56 years old, and I am doing things that I haven’t done in years. … I am stronger, more flexible, have more self-esteem, and a much better outlook on life. … The people here are wonderful and a lot of fun, and Sensei Angie is a great teacher. … I am going all the way to Black Belt, not giving up till I get there.

    Judy J
  • I started my training when I was in my mid-forties and had never been active in sports. Training at New Life Martial Arts … has helped me to get in the best shape of my life: I lost weight, got stronger, and eliminated blood pressure and cholesterol problems. It has also given me more confidence in everything I do. I feel so much better and have more energy. All this while having fun learning with others who have become good friends….

    Diane A.
  • Laura B. , New Life Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great place! Learned a lot at the Women's Self Defense class today. Think I'm going to try & learn more... in today's world can't know enough about protecting yourself! Thanks!

    Laura B.
  • My name is Shannon C, a 39-year old wife and stay-at-home mom.  Since high school, I have been working out off and on, maintaining a personal program of cardio and strength exercises.   I was always interested in karate. … After the first couple of lessons, I knew this is what I wanted to do.  I have been a White Belt martial arts student for about a month now.  Already, I can see the benefits, both physically and emotionally, of karate instruction.  I feel like I have more energy, flexibility and endurance, and it has improved my self-esteem.  I have learned many self-defense moves and feel I am better prepared to defend myself, if necessary. 

    As a stay-at-home mom of a 14-month old daughter, I have a lot of stress in my life.  By taking a few hours each week to do something for myself, my stress level has significantly decreased.  I also believe that taking karate lessons are helping me become a better wife and mother.  I have a more positive attitude toward life in general and feel my improvement in the disciplines of patience will benefit my entire family.  

    Karate classes are so much fun and I have met some wonderful people.  The students encourage you to get to the next belt level and we applaud one another’s successes.  I feel so alive after the classes and proud to go home and show my family all of the accomplishments that I have achieved.  My eyes are on that Black Belt, and I am not going to quit until I get there! 

    Shannon C.
  • William S. , New Life Martial Arts Testimonials

    It's a great Martial Arts school its a very family oriented and positive atmosphere place to develop discipline, Confidence. I love it I recommend it to anyone.

    William S.
  • I wanted a new me, so at the ripe old age of 52, I decided to give Martial Arts a try.  I have recently lost weight, am eating healthier and just wanted a better life for myself and my husband.  I have been walking at least 4 times a week but I wanted something more.  As the weight was coming off and I was getting older I began to realize that my muscles and body were getting soft and mushy.  I started to notice I was losing my balance a bit more frequently, and that my upper body strength in my arms was getting worse.

    So, I met Sensei Angie at a Chamber function or two and we started talking about my concerns and what she had to offer.  You see, I am not a gym/workout type person.  I have gone that route before and it just got boring!!  So, I decided to try Martial Arts.

    I have found that this program is a total concept­ -- mind, body and spirit -- real focus, determination, relaxation, great exercise and a rewarding experience.  In the few short months I have been taking  Sensei Angie’s class, I have noticed a better sense of balance, my muscles are getting firmer, my body is toning up, and my ability to defend myself has given me a sense of security.  Going to class is a great stress reliever after a full day, and it is fun.  You work with a group of others, and we all have a special bond while helping each other. Your sense of accomplishment is uplifting to the point that you feel you can do anything.

    This Martial Arts class is one of the best decisions I have made.  It has been a great motivator in my personal and professional life.  Go For It!!       

    Michele J.
  • Madeline B. , New Life Martial Arts Testimonials

    A very capable with knowledge and patience! An atmosphere conducive to a family environment. Fun!

    Madeline B.
  • So many families battle the constraints of time and resources when planning activities for their children.   In an attempt to reduce the busyness of our family’s life, my wife and I brought our three sons to New Life Martial Arts.   We reasoned that by replacing three different soccer team schedules with a single karate class we might minimize some of the chaos of managing the family’s calendar.  This single change in our family did exactly what we had hoped for and much more.   

    We began to notice that the lessons in courtesy, respect and discipline that are taught at the dojo were displayed more and more frequently by our sons at home and at school.  Our quietest son showed remarkable improvements in the self confidence and began showing leadership skills.  The boys were getting solid physical training, positive and encouraging messages with every lesson, and enjoying the thrill of learning self defense.         

    They were having so much fun, I declared to my wife that martial arts class would be a good bonding time with my sons and gave it a trial run.  It didn’t take long to discover  that the classes were a great way for me to relieve work stress and the exercises increased the flexibility in my 45 year old muscles and joints that I had  forced behind a desk for much of the day.   And, just like my sons, the experience at New Life Martial Arts is improving my discipline and helping me to perform at my best at work and at home. 

    Skip S.
  • Bill S. , New Life Martial Arts Testimonials

    Exceptional program. The positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Martial arts has been the perfect activity to share as a family. Like it, love it and want more of it!

    Bill S.
  • Since I have been in the Martial Arts I have seen a huge increase in my own self confidence.  I have learned how to handle things that may come up, including my health issues at this point.  Before I would have just lost it.  Now I know that with my training I can handle whatever comes my way. 

     I have also lost 41 pounds and 5 dress sizes.  Karate has taught me to be a much healthier person.  I would recommend this type of training for anyone.  Not only am I getting healthier but I am also learning valuable knowledge to help me in the event if someone would try and attack me.    A person’s age or physical fitness level should not stop them from this type of training.  Anyone can do it    Thank you,    

    Danielle R.
  • Christian B. , New Life Martial Arts Testimonials

    I used to go to a karate place when I was a child and I always felt intimidated by the instructor when I was growing up. I recently had the opportunity to train with Angie here at her business and boy I couldn't begin to tell you how much I felt like she cared and was really in to what she does. Being my first time in years being able to do any kind of what I thought was going to be some serious exercising having had multiple surgeries on my back, feet, and to my stomach I was very surprised and happy with how Instructor Angie took her time with me. She creates such a great experience that she encourages you to want to come back and continue working towards your goal. I was not sure at first how I was going to like it or how I would do, but I tell you I was so very pleasantly surprised. I would definitely recommend coming here and if you have kids, she has a great deal of patience and kindness towards them too from what I noticed. If you are more of the advanced type, she is great for that too! I had a great experience here and I know everyone else will too, thank you Angie for all of your help, it is much appreciated and I will see you again next week!

    Christian B.

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